Where do we
come from?

Cold, isolated, pure
- this is our country, Iceland.

Reykjavík is our capital, and where our name comes from. This is where we live, along with 200.000 other good people, counting more than half of Iceland's population.

Throughout the years Icelanders have survived harsh winters and windy summers. Sometimes we get tired of this instability of the climate, but we are continuously coming to realize better how much value lies in the severity, the cold and the wind. Not only does the weather toughen us, but also our surroundings.

Our fish grows slowly in the cold ocean, which makes it more delicate and firm. The terrestrial animals largely walk around freely in the pure Icelandic nature, and thereby feed on unique, wild, Icelandic mountain plants.


Number of Icelanders


Number of people
living in the capital,


Number of travelers
per year


Number of sheep


Number of SALMON

103.000 km2

Size of the country


Number of
active volcanoes